Races of Niametl

Races of Niametl


Humans in Niametl can be found mostly inhabiting the vast cities on the coast. Sometimes they are found living in colonies within the jungle, usually monasteries or religious sanctuaries.


A few elves inhabit the cities, but mostly they are found within the jungle, living life in tribes. These elves are what are known as the “wild elves.” They are seen as a wise people, ancient and mystical, keeping to themselves and avoiding the affairs of the civilized world.


Halflings can be found intermingling with humans in most places that humans are found. Within the urban landscapes of Niametl, Halflings are a fact of life, and their numbers rival those of the humans. Out in the jungle, there are occasional nomadic bands of Halflings.


Gnomes are few and far between in Niametl. The jungle doesn’t appeal to the classic gnomish lifestyle, as the harsh conditions lead to a more serious (and less playful) lifestyle. Those gnomes that are present mostly live on the coast, in the cities.


Beneath the vast mountainous jungle, there are precious metals and riches beyond imagination. There to mine those precious metals are the dwarves, living in their massive halls beneath the surface of the jungle. Most of the dwarven mines are remote places, far away from the cities of humans. Sometimes, dwarven traders come to the cities permanently to live, and therefore find themselves versed in human culture.


There are thousands of different orc tribes in Niametl, each one separate and distinct from all the rest. While some of the orcs are a proud, noble people whose tribes have occupied their lands for millennia, others are barbaric and bloodthirsty, interested only in destruction. The latter type of orc has given orcs a bad name in human communities, but elves (who are slower to judge) are largely accepting of orcs, and treat them just as they would humans.

An interesting note

Because of the changes to the normal “orc” stereotype from a stupid and barbaric people to a wise and noble one, I’ve changed the Orcish god to “Kraddak.” His entry in the player’s handbook would read as follows:

Kraddak, god of the orcs, is true neutral. Kraddak calls on his followers to be strong in the face of resistance, to be strong together as a clan, and to defend their territory from outside invasion. Kraddak is very concerned with family and clan bonds, fostering interdependence and kinship. One of his main teachings is that everyone in a clan has their own place, and those who have no place do not belong in the clan. The domains he is associated with are strength, protection, and war. His favored weapon is the spear (of any size).


Goblins and their ilk generally live far below the surface of the jungle, in the massive cave complexes that arise as a natural consequence of the wet climate. Using their vast numbers as their most powerful weapon, the goblins are (apart from the occasional minotaur or other subterranean creature) the largest threat to the dwarven kingdoms.


Gnolls are the terror of the civilized people of the jungle. They are bloodthirsty and savage and their numbers are such that they have been known to overwhelm and decimate large towns in a matter of minutes. Gnoll hordes make their way from village to village, plundering and raping all that they can. Most of the civilized races kill gnolls on sight.

Races of Niametl

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