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“Here, a thousand years can pass like the blink of an eye in the face of history, and yet all can be changed in a day. All around us is the harsh, unforgiving jungle, blending with our cities as history blends with myth. Niametl is not a kingdom, nor is it an empire. It is an unconquerable land, populated by an indomitable people. Nature does not know governance. The jungle around us is a brutal, unforgiving place, where the strong rule and the weak perish. So it is with our people. So it is with our lives.” – Xientolico, Elven Warlord

The vast jungle that composes the land of Niametl is a place of stark juxtaposition of civilization and nature, where jungle-cities rise out of the landscape. It is a place of great opportunity, but also a place where death lurks around every corner and behind every shadow. It is a place where everything seems ready to kill you, from the mosquitoes to the hulking dinosaurs to the very plants themselves. Despite this, the riches and the adventure to be had in the jungle landscape attracts all kinds of people.

Geography and Situation

Because it rains so much (see weather, below), one can scarcely go a mile in any direction without running into a stream or a river. All these thousands of streams collect into three legendary rivers that flow into the Bay of Life. From north to south, these rivers are:

  • The Niagrum River
  • The Ryaun River
  • The Colarium River

Each of these rivers is full of life, including fish and other, more dangerous creatures. Each River has its own legends associated with it.

According to legends that you’ve heard, the jungle gets thicker and more deadly the closer you get to the Colarium River. According to many legends, this area is the birthplace of life itself in Niametl, and to this day remains the most primeval spot on the planet.


There is so much danger in Niametl that no true nation has ever been able to survive. Even in the enormous cities that have arisen on the coast, there is no uniting government. This is partially because the people are simply unwilling to be governed, and partially because the ever-changing power structure doesn’t allow for a stable regime. Some of the cities on the coast have stable governments.

Cities of Niametl

Virtually all of the large human settlements of Niametl lie on the coast. There are notable exceptions inside of the region, which usually lie on one of the many rivers, serving as trading posts for the region.

Coastal Cities
Notable Human Cities Within Niametl
Dwarven Kingdoms Within Niametl

The largest and oldest city in Niametl (by far) is known as Tolactaquatl (toe-lak-tah-kat). Some say this is the largest city on the whole of Uturón, but nobody knows for sure.


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