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Welcome to the Wiki for the Uturón campaign! All kinds of things will be posted here, from the basic rules for playing, to character creation info, to basic geological and cultural information about the Uturón campaign setting. I have a scanner, so I can actually upload my hand-drawn stuff to the site. If you’re interested in seeing what I create, please come back to this site!

Please note that I have much more on this site than you are able to see. I only allow access to information that is available to ALL players (which is stuff that has already been established via adventuring or stuff that virtually everyone on Uturón would know). If you come up with a character history that would give your character access to historical information, I will disclose that to you privately.

The names for things that I come up with, while not exactly “svirfneblin” (the dark gnomes in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting) can still be difficult to pronounce for some. If you look at something like “Niametl” and aren’t quite sure how to say it, please visit my pronounciation page.

Basic Information

First is the players information about rules. If you are unfamiliar, see our house rules for further information on how we play the game. Also, before you go to create your character, see the player information page.

In-Game Information

The World of Uturón


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