house rules

House Rules

The Golden Rule of Character Building

When creating a character, there are tons of rules you have to follow. Dungeons and Dragons is a very intricate, complex system. Blatantly cheating is obviously not allowed. That said, there is a golden rule of character development, and it is:

Don’t Glitch

Anyone who has ever played an online videogame probably knows what glitching is. A glitch is something within the game as it was loaded onto a computer (not a hack) which allows the players to do something that the developers didn’t intend. For example, in the original Left 4 Dead, there was something known as the “powershot” that players could do with a machine gun, wherein they would “charge” the gun up and empty the entire clip in a single shot. While this was technically not a cheat, it still ruined the fun of the game by disrupting the balance.

The same effect can be achieved in D&D. It is possible, through the use of the intricate system of skills and feats, to create a character who has abilities far beyond the norm for his level. While it may be amusing to create a character who, at fourth level, can empty an entire quiver of arrows in a single round of attacks and do hundreds of points of damage, please don’t. It ruins the fun of the game for all of the rest of the players, including the DM. Just stick with creating a cool character who has abilities appropriate for his/her class level. Your character should not be defined by his abilities – his abilities should be defined by his character.

Other House Rules


A character who wears a large, billowy cloak gains a +1 concealment bonus to armor class, but takes a -2 penalty on all hide and move silently checks.

The death blow

This rule is used at the discretion of the GM. If a player rolls a threat hit, and then on the confirmation roll, rolls a second threat hit, he may roll a third time in order to confirm a death blow. This is treated exactly the same as a roll to confirm a critical hit. If the player succeeds on the third roll, the enemy is dealt a death blow and automatically dies. Against certain opponents, the GM may deem that it would be unrealistic to have a single blow kill them (it would work against the orc guard, but probably not against the ancient red dragon).

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house rules

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