Classes of Niametl



Barbarians abound in Niametl. Nearly every race has tribes that live out in the jungle, foraging and fending for themselves. From these tribes come the barbarians, warriors who have been molded by the harsh jungle into the strongest, deadliest fighters on the planet.


Bards are few and far between in this region, and those that do exist are usually traveling musicians and scholars. There are a few bardic colleges in the major cities of Niametl, but the harsh jungle doesn’t lend itself to the fine arts.


Because of the variety of different cultures and tribes in Niametl, clerics can be found worshipping all variety of gods. The nature of each cleric varies depending on the god they worship, from the ancient Elven gods of the sea and the sky to the missionaries of Pelor, who come in from other places around the world.


The jungle of Niametl is home to thousands of druids, attracted by the lush nature and raw spiritual energy of the place. Sometimes, druids intermingle with the different clans, while other times they form druid enclaves, and still others they are by themselves, tending to and protecting a patch of land.


Fighters are not as common in Niametl as rangers and barbarians, but they do abound in the city-states, where small militias are formed to combat gnoll invasions. There are also fighters aplenty who come to Niametl from around the world to test their skills against the jungle environment.


Deep in the jungle, separate from all societies and influences, are monastery enclaves. These enclaves are home to monks of all sorts, all backgrounds, and all deities, who simply wish to seclude themselves from the world. Sometimes these monks venture outside of their monasteries to achieve spiritual enlightenment.


Paladins are few and far between. Those who do come are usually missionaries, on a mission known only to them.


Rangers are more common than fighters in Niametl, simply because the nature that surrounds everything lends itself more to stealth and familiarity than it does to strategy and tactics. Rangers serve a purpose in nearly every facet of society.


Rogues are common everywhere, and the cities of Niametl is no exception. Out in the jungle, rogues are less likely to be encountered, but in the cities they are everywhere. The lack of authority helps rogues to often rise to the very top of the social ladder.

Sorcerers and Wizards

Sorcerers are common in the tribes in the jungle, whereas wizards are commonly found in the arcane schools in the cities. Sometimes wizards will travel to Niametl to find a lost secret or a powerful item.

Classes of Niametl

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