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Uturón is a huge planet. The campaign takes place during a period of exploration and colonization, so while the three major continents (Casha, Moristo, and Desatra) are extremely well explored, there are many unexplored areas that have been recently discovered, many of which are already populate with their own subraces and cultures.

What I post on these pages is basically information that everyone on Uturón would know about the locations in question. There is some history, myth, and legend all blended together.

While the night sky is still dotted with stars, the planet has no moon. This means that, at night, everything is pitch-dark, lit only by stars. The in-game effect of this is that visibility is limited to 10 feet at night.


Political Regions

  • Timan – The largest, oldest, and most powerful empire on Uturón.
  • The Washe – Hot, humid lowlands. Populated primarily by halflings.
  • Dumoran – Vast, geologically diverse kingdom of wealth and oppression.
  • Relam – Northern region next to Avergizar, ruled primarily by humans.
  • Avitrium – Mountainous region ruled by an alliance of Dwarven Kingdoms.
  • Basos – Known as “the living sands.” A vast desert south of the border mountains, ruled by a human magocracy.
  • Talim – Mysterious land of legend recently rediscovered.

Geological Regions

Historical Information

What information I have posted here is stuff that literally everyone on Uturón would know. How you have heard these stories may depend upon your character, but no matter the source, it is some history blended with some myth.

Campaign Setting Stuff

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