Adventure 2

Tel'Adrus and the Dungeon of Horrors

Adventure two began with the players pensively floating down the Niagrum river, on their way to Tolactaquatl. They stopped for the night in a town known as Faratl, a large town on the river used as a trading outpost.

After being in the crowded inn for a short period of time, the players received a strange invitation from a man known as Walim Vera – the son of a merchant tycoon and a rich, rich man. He summoned them to his manor, to dine and enjoy some conversation. He, however, was very strange, and introduced himself as a “demonologist.” As the players talked about their earlier encounter with the demons, he was so knowledgeable (about almost everything) that it was disconcerting.
He then made a strange request of the PCs – he was looking for a book, he said, and was willing to pay an awful lot of money to get it. The players, to get the book, would have to sail to Timan and take it from the grave of a paladin. The players, ultimately, did not give him a response, although he offered them 5000 gold pieces apiece (enough so that they would never have to work for the rest of their lives).

They spent the night in Mr. Vera’s guest house, a comfortable little home. However, their sleep was interrupted by a scream in the night. Going to investigate, they found a woman curled up in the fetal position, who had been attacked during the night by something that she described as “shadowy figures.” The players didn’t quite know what to do – until they found out that the priest of Ehlonna in town had lost his powers.

Going to investigate, the players found a trapdoor in the church that the priest claimed no knowledge of. The descended a long way, into what they thought was the dungeon of an old fort. The environment made it extremely difficult to see – red mist and moss everywhere, and pooled water on the floor.

Moving further into the tunnel, they found a boy in one of the prison cells. He was emaciated, and begged them to help him. As they made the attempt, however, a strange noise from behind them made them turn around to face a horrific creature. Looking like a woman so starved and tortured that she was no longer recognizable, it had foot-long blades where its fingers should have been. They tried to do battle with it, but it proved to be beyond their skill – their weapons did not damage it because it was protected by some dark magic. The wizard (Eli) attempted to escape up the way they came, but the other party members ran behind a steel door, which they shut and barred.

The creature chased the wizard. He cast fly, moving quickly up the stairs to the place where the trapdoor exit should have been – except that there was no trapdoor. After attempting several different methods of opening what appeared to be a stone ceiling, he found that he was trapped. The demon had not followed him up the stairs, but was surely waiting below. What could he do?

Meanwhile, the rest of the players (unable to contact the wizard) continued through the dungeon. They found a mausoleum with a desecrated altar to the god Pelor, and a floor filled with water and bones from the surrounding caskets. They found yet another trapdoor, which didn’t appear to belong in the dungeon – moving down, they found stairs that led abruptly to a stone wall.

Frustrated, they went back up the stairs, moving back out into the mausoleum. The gnome noticed something odd – no bones floating in the water. They kept moving, and found that the bones had arranged themselves to spell three fateful words: “NO WAY OUT.”

After becoming extremely scared, the players devised a plan to kill the monster outside – they would build a trap to pull it into the well. After accomplishing this, they pushed another boulder on top of the beast, and celebrated their victory. They were still, they found, trapped.

After finding out that they were suitably screwed, and seeing several macabre messages similar to the one written in bones, they worked their way back down to the trapdoor and the stairs to nothing only to find a black ooze dripping down the walls. They had a conversation with a ghostly voice which echoed up the chamber, and a similar wall in white appeared behind them.

The voice introduced itself as Tel’Adrus, and said that before them was his realm, and behind them was home. He questioned their sincerity, and their courage, and told them they did not even know their foe. After sending the gnome through the dark portal, the white one closed, and they charged onward toward their enemy.

What greeted them on the other side was a strange chamber with three levels floating in space, that repeated itself infinite times. However, if you went down all three leves, you would wind up at the top again – it made for a very interesting combat. Their opponents were Tel’Adrus himself – a human male who had perpetrated killings and ritual cannibalism – and Lippiorn, an immense demon of terrible power. In addition, the presence of Tel’Adrus seemed to cause undead to spawn at random, making anyone left alone a vuenerable target. As the dwarf braved the fight against Lippiorn, the other players tried their best to kill Tel’Adrus, but found him to be an extremely elusive target.

Lippiorn defeated the dwarf, but not to be outdone, he got a second wind and smashed the demon with his axe, killing him and banishing him back to the abyss. This victory paved the way for a victory against Tel’Adrus.

After blacking out, the players woke up in their beds in Vera Manor, unsure if it had all been a dream. But all they had to do to assure themselves that it had indeed been real? Look down at the wounds they had received. It was such that Tel’Adrus was defeated and the town of Faratl was saved from an unknown menace.



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